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Father of murder loss Noor Mukadam 2022

Father of murder loss Noor Mukadam, Shaukat Ali Mukadam, said in a court clarification on Saturday that his daughter was killed ridiculously and that the amazing reprimanded, Zahir Jaffer, ought to be sentenced to death, declared Geo News.

The affirmation was recorded during a gathering by District and Sessions Court Islamabad Judge Ata Rabbani.

The court mentioned that Zahir and others appear under the watchful eye of the court, after which the charged, his greens keeper and watchman were gotten.

Zahir Jaffer, the head faulted productive the execution for Noor Mukadam, fragment being brought to court, related July 26, 2021.

ISLAMABAD: Shaukat Ali Mukadam, the begetter of Noor Mukadam who was hardheartedly killed successful Islamabad past year, related Saturday mentioned the die judgment for Zahir Jaffer – the cardinal charged productive the crime.

Mukadam made this sales section hailing his grounds compelling an area and gatherings court productive Islamabad. Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani was coordinating comprehended the conference.

Past mediator Shaukat Ali Mukadam displayed under the careful attention of the court today to give affirmation by virtue of his young lady’s murder, and searched for capital punishment for the fundamental condemned, Zahir Jaffer, while relating the day of the crime.

Zahir Jaffer should be given a death penalty, Ambassador Mukadam said, adding that he had no individual enmity at this point that his ‘daughter was nonsensically killed.

Mukadam let the court in on that on July 19, the day going before his young lady Noor was killed, he and his soul mate returned to their home directly following wrapping up a couple of responsibilities to notice Noor was not home.

The focused on gatekeepers called Noor’s phone yet her versatile was turned off.


Mukadam said that he began searching for his daughter and bringing her again and again, until Noor finally gotten. She let her father in on that she was going to Lahore for several days with her buddies, and promised her people not to stretch. Noor’s phone was in this way found in a storeroom, seized by Zahir Jaffer.

On July 20 – I know Zahir’s family Zahir called me on two numbers in the afternoon and said Noor was not with him, Noor’s father explored.

Shockingly, that evening, Mukadam was called to the Kohsar police base camp, where he found that his young lady had been killed.

He was then taken by police to Zahir Jaffer’s home, where he saw his daughter had been ‘seriously killed and executed.

Toward the beginning of the current hearing, Mukadam said helium is appearing to be compelling court for the model cut productive his life. He said that helium didn’t individual eccentric enmity with anyone.

My young woman was killed misleadingly, helium said, and mentioned: Zahir Jaffer should beryllium fixed unparalleled discipline.

Zahir , his nursery laborer and watchman were other than abutting productive the court.

Noor didn’t toxophilite maine that she was going to Lahore, her begetter told the court, adding that she normally used to bowman him prior to leaving the region yet a portion of the time she informed him aft reaching her goal.

I contacted her buddies and visited their homes viable pursue of my daughter, helium added.

On July 20, Noor called him and let him in on that she was productive Lahore, helium said, adding that toward the back tolerating her call, helium ended his request. He said: I certainly realized the Jaffer family at this point hammer not cognize the different criticized.

Projecting defamations comprehended the compartment telephone credited to the individual being referred to, Noor’s begetter said that confirmation is nary grounds to diversion that the flexible had a spot with his daughter.

Mukadam said that helium named Jan Muhammad (the nursery laborer) compelling the case related August 8 toward the back distinctive him productive a CCTV video.

After Noor’s father recorded his declaration, he was met by Zahir’s lawyers.

Mukadam, who is a past Pakistani diplomat, remarked that he has displayed in court unprecedented for his life.

Noor’s father said that he has no private hostility with anyone.

He said that Noor had not instructed him that she was going to Lahore.

Normally she would enlighten me before going wherever, though sometimes she would show up at the spot and thereafter enlighten me, he told the court, adding that after she vanished, he contacted her sidekicks, went to their homes and searched for her out of control.

He said that the names of Noor’s sidekicks were not added to the FIR.

Mukadam said that Noor called him on July 20 to enlighten him that she was going to Lahore. I didn’t search for her again he said.

Noor’s father said that there is no verification that the cell found at the scene has a spot with his young lady.

Meanwhile, the committee was educated that the knowledge for Zahir attempted positive for COVID-19 and helium couldn’t be the court’s systems.

At this, the value conceded the method till January 17. On the adjoining hearing, Shaukat Mukadam’s scrutinizing volition proceed and the test serviceman volition other than beryllium investigated by the guidance for the charged.

He communicated that he had some awareness of the Jaffer family at this point was new to the others accused, and that a person walk just of the Jaffers was driven, and not of another person in jail.

As demonstrated by Mukadam, he named the janitor, Jan Mohammad, on August 8 ensuing to review CCTV film. In my clarification then, I had said that the maintenance man “didn’t open the entryway and continued to keep it shut.

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